CERA is asking for ideas of how to rebuild Christchurch into an even better place that it was before the quakes. This site is an attempt to harness the ideas and knowledge of local cyclists and wanna-be-cyclists to create a persuasive vision of how Christchurch could become a world leader in urban recreation

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The steps CERA should take to build a great cycle way

Christchurch already has a good number of parks, some walking and cycle short cuts, and various sections of on road cycleways that marked in different ways, However the collection is a bit haphazard. Quite often there are lovely bits of road/cycle way that simply end at the other side of the park etc . What we need is RELIABLE network of cycleways that people can ride to negotiate the town.

In the next year CERA should
1. Make incorporating good access routes into the central city for cyclists and pedestrians a priority in the new plan for central Christchurch..
2. For the new subdivisions to be built in Christchurch, land should be reserved for green corridors that support recreational and commuting (cycling and walking) routes.
3. Identify properties in Christchurch which have been targeted for demolition in other areas of Christchurch were a they could improve the existing network.
4. In Spring, reinstate cycle ways removed immediately after the February earthquake - eg. Clarence road. Make a celebration of the return of the cycle ways and announce the commitment to make Christchurch a cycle friendly city.

Over the next three to five years CERA should
1. Link up existing cycleway sections to provide continuous routes that link into the cycle access routes into the central city. The cycle routes should be highly visible and easy for the public, whether or not they are currently cyclists or not to identify. They should be also easy for people to follow, because they are signed and do not have 'gaps'.
2. Get cyclists who live in the local area to help design where cycle routes go.
3. Get the community involved in designing and building recreational routes all over Christchurch that provide a variety of opportunities, including for walking, running and mountain biking

What do you think CERA should do to help cyclists in Christchurch?
Please comment below (using either facebook or blogger). Your ideas will be incorporated into the document and ideas credited to you.

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